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TypeApartment Sqm 140 rooms 5 Reference: 342-IBL-5244

TypeCompanies Sqm 18 rooms 1 Reference: 288-IBL-119

TypeApartment Sqm 70 rooms 3 Reference: 288-IBL-334

TypeApartment Sqm 85 rooms 3 Reference: 288-IBL-347

TypeApartment Sqm 55 rooms 2 Reference: 288-IBL-362

TypePenthouse Sqm 110 rooms 4 Reference: 288-IBL-345

TypeApartment Sqm 110 rooms 4 Reference: 288-IBL-346

TypeApartment Sqm 60 rooms 2 Reference: 288-IBL-361

TypeApartment Sqm 70 rooms 2 Reference: 288-IBL-360

TypeApartment Sqm 83 rooms 2 Reference: 288-IBL-367

A brand new project new a eilat exceptional !!! It is a unique project designed by a large architectural firm of national renown. It lies before the beach at 5 minutes with a prime location! The…

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